Banners are a great way to let people in your neighborhood know what is going on in your church.  You can create them for fun events or make your community aware of a new sermon series.  We have found banners to be the second best way to get new people to check out our church.  (Our website is number one.)   They are easy to store if you want to reuse them-just roll them up and tuck them away.  Here are some tips about creating great banner designs.

Good Banner Practices:  Tips and ideas on how to create a good banner!

  • Create full color banners with catchy images:  Most online printers charge you the same for full color images as they do simple text.  An image will catch people’s attention more than just words.  Click here to learn more about where you can get images to use on your banner.
  • Banner background should not blend in with the scenery.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  I made a brown banner that blended in with the dead grass behind it.  Less people noticed this banner because of this. Stay away from blues and greens because they blend in with the sky and grass as well.
  • Have sharp color contrast between background image and text colors:  People will be driving past your banner quickly, so you need to make sure they can read them easily.  If you have a dark background, choose a light color for your text.  If you have a lighter background, use a darker text.
  • Less text is better!  Don’t put too much information on your banners.  Just the necessary information they need –like your church name or website  the event you want to publicize and the time it occurs.  If you have too much info, people won’t have time to read it all.
  • Choose a vibrant color for important text! Use a different color to make the important text (sermon series or event name) stand out from all the other.
  • Bigger is better!  Small banners can be hard to see.  The minimum size we buy is 2 ft by 4 ft (if we are on a tight budget or they are right next to the road).  However, 3 ft by 6 ft and larger sizes are better if you can afford them.  Make sure your text is large enough too.  It is often needs to be larger than you think you need.
  • Create them so you can reuse them!  Easter and Christmas come around each year.  Why not create a banner that you can use year after year.  If you use a solid color background for the date, you can buy vinyl adhesive banners (stickers) each year to put that year’s date on it.  You can also create a larger banner publicizing the event (3 ft by 6 ft) and buy a 1 ft by 6 ft each year that has that year’s date on it.
  • Get permission from land owner before you put them up.  This take a bit of work the first time you put banners up.  I found that going to the door and asking a home owner or business owner works better the first time.  If it is a vacant lot, go to your county assessor’s site.  You can usually type in address and get a phone number of the landlord.    Once you have the contact info, it is very easy to do.   I usually email my contacts a image of the banner and tell them how long I plan to put them.
  • Drive around and see if you can read your info after you put them up!  You can always improve your design.  Drive past your banner and take note of what was easy to see or read and what you can improve on.  This will make your future banners much better!

Where do I get them?

  • Local Print Shops:  If you don’t have the skills, to design a banner yourself go to a local print shop.  They can create one for you.  They are more costly but they do the majority of the work,  plus you help support a local business.
  • Frugal Fox Design:  They design great banners for sermon series and ship them to your door.
  • creates cheap, good quality full color outdoor banners.  I have found them to be a 1/3rd of the price of our local companies.  Their lead times vary depending on how much they have going on.  Their shipping is more reasonable than you think.   We usually like to buy a couple of different banners at a time (Ex two sermon series and a fun) to help save on the shipping even more.
  • is another place that I have bought banners from.  Their banners are great too.  They are the cheapest place to by vinyl adhesive banners (stickers).  These work great if you want to reuse a banner each year and change the date (Ex Easter) or use them on your A-Frame signs as well.

You have any other tips to share?  We would love to hear them.