Every church website needs to include a map to show people how to get to their location.  We use a map on the bottom of each page with a footer widget and a bigger map on a directions page.  There are many map plugins out there.  Our favorite is Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

We like this plugin because it works great with responsive sites.  Responsive sites automatically resize to fit the size of your screen.  It took us a little while to figure out how to make this work.  We will save you the time and effort and tell you how we do it.  Here are the settings we use.

Basic Settings:

Width = 100%.  (This makes it responsive)

Zoom =15 (Changing this value changes how much the map zooms in.)

Height = 400 px (We think this works great for footer maps.  Use a larger value like 600 for full page maps.)



One cool thing that you can do with this plug in is change the marker that will appear with the map.  We prefer red because it sticks out.  You can choose any kinds of symbols.  Another great feature is that you can put more than one location on the same map (office and worship location).


This is what we prefer.  What map plug in do you us?