Does your church need to create a new website?  Creating a website can seem intimidating.  Don’t worry!  It is actually easier than you think.

There are three main components to creating a website.

  1. A Domain Name:  This also know as the web address.  It is address that people use to find your site.  They usually cost around $10  Ex.
  2. Web Host:  A web host is also called a web server.  It is the computer / server that stores your site.  The price varies depending on what you need (Free- $6 a month).  Ex. Bluehost
  3. Web Site:  These files are the pages that people see when they visit your  site.  They can be created with a variety of different software programs or online tools.

For some people, this is still seems too abstract.  If it is helpful, you can think of a website like an art gallery.  You need to create art to show the people (your web site).  You need a building to display it (your web host).  People can’t find this unless they know the physical address or your building (Your Domain Name).

It really is that easy.  Things just seem more complicated because different companies combine the three components differently.  Some companies just sell domains and web hosting.  Others sell all three.  In subsequent posts, I will compare some of the best options for churches and compare the cost for each.  You can create a simple website for free , but a professional site is easier and cheaper than you think.

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