Looking for a great gift to give to first time visitors at your church?

At CrossWay Church, we created a CD of a few of our favorite worship songs or songs that we sing that may be unfamiliar to them.  It not only make guests feel appreciated, but it helps them learn the songs we sing.  We made our own the cases from 11 x 17 inch card stock.

They look very professional.  People are usually surprised we created them ourselves.  The inside of the cover has a brief explanation of our order of worship and why we chose the songs we do.  We also have a map on the back because we have handed these out at Farmer’s Market booth as well.   On the CD, we have the list of some of  the songs and artists as well as a copy of our logo.

[frame src=”https://churchwebtoolkit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/CDCoverCollage.jpg” width=”600″ height=”200″ lightbox=”on” title=”Personalize CD Holder Design” align=”center” ]

You may think that this is pretty costly to make.  They are cheaper than what you think.  The case and CD cost us less than a $1 to make.

Here is what you need for this project:

  • Word Processor: Common ones include Word, Pages, Publisher, InDesign, etc.
  • Music Program that burns CDs: Itunes is probably the most familiar.
  • Legally Purchased Songs: You can buy them from Itunes, Amazon MP3LegalSounds, Etc.  Artists will sometimes offer free mp3s.  Your CCLI license may allow you to record and distribute your band playing.
  • Color Laser Printer or Copier that prints 11 x 17 in sheet of paper.  Our church doesn’t have one, but one of church members let us print on his for free.
  • Printable CD Labels: These Memorex are less than $.10 a piece.  We use the other labels for name badges.
  • Recordable CDs  They cost around $.20 a piece.
  • 11 x 17 Card Stock: You can but it here from Amazon or locally at PaperZone or a specially paper store.  The cost is around $.10 a sheet.  You get two cd holders per sheet.
  • Paper Cutter that can cut 17 inch paper.  I tried to go to a local Office Supply Store to get these cut.  Their cutter could only do 14 inches.  We bought this one from Amazon for cheap and it works great!  If you have any scrap bookers in your church, they may already have a cutter this size that you can borrow.
  • Glue Sticks

Here is how to make the CD Covers:

These CD Holders are really easy to make.  You can also buy these cardboard cases if you don’t want to do the work.

  1. Create a CD Holder design a Word Processor on 11 x 17 in paper.  Here is a free template that shows you how to lay things out.  You can get two CD holders from each sheet.  The complete CD cover is designed on the first page in two rows with three columns.  You have to flip the rows on the second sheet (back side) so things print properly.
  2. Print the design on both sides of the paper.
  3. Cut the sheets along the longer edge.
  4. Fold the CD cover on the lines (in thirds)
  5. Glue as shown on the template.  Hold it for a few seconds to make sure it stick!

Here is how to make the CD:

  1. Legally obtain the songs you would like to put on the CD.  As stated earlier, you can buy them from Itunes, Amazon MP3LegalSounds, Etc.  Artists will sometimes offer free mp3s on their website.  Your CCLI license may allow you to record and distribute your band playing.
  2. Put a Recordable CD in the CD Drive and burn the disk using  Itunes or another music program.
  3. Design a CD cover.  Most label companies provide free templates or design software.
  4. Print the CD Label on Laser Printer. 
  5. Stick the Label on the CD.  Follow the instructions on how to do this on the labels.


It is really that easy to make once you have everything you need.  It is informative and makes your guests feel appreciated.