We are all on a tight budget right?  I know we are.  We have found some great ways to save money!

[frame src=”https://churchwebtoolkit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/cordservices.png” width=”161″ height=”74″ lightbox=”on” title=”Cord” align=”left” ] Cord Services: Cord Service allows churches to join together for volume pricing for stores like Office Depot, Konica Minolta, Sysco, Grainger, Starbucks, and more.  You sign up for their free membership and then they connect you the other business.  We ordered cards at Office Depot that allow you to set up a store business credit account.  I saved between 30-75% off the regularly priced items.

[frame src=”https://churchwebtoolkit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Techsoup.png” width=”250″ height=”59″ lightbox=”on” title=”Tech Soup” align=”left” ] Tech Soup: Tech Soup offers great discounts on software (Adobe, Quickbooks, Etc).  Churches don’t apply for all the discounts, but it is worth checking.  You can get anti virus software for very cheap!

There are definitely a ton of different ways you can save money.  I would definitely look at these two sites before you buy.