I was the king of receipt clutter.  My wife was always getting feed up with finding piles of receipts to turn into the church for reimbursement or keep for my housing allowance.  So when I upgraded to the Iphone, I was determined to find a receipt app that would help me eliminate this.  Onereceipt has helped me a lot.  IT IS FREE!

One Receipt bills itself as the One place for ALL of your receipts!

We keep all your receipts, and we mean ALL (paper and digital), in one convenient place.

  • Store your receipts in the cloud
  • Automatically pull in e-receipts
  • Supercharge your paper receipts by simply taking a picture
  • Organize your spending


I found it to be very helpful.  You can view all your data online.  When you make a purchase, you quickly open the app.  Take a photo of the receipt.  They do all the scanning and converting to text.   It is really that simple to use.  The photo of the receipt and the converted text is stored online or on your phone for you to access later.

If you need more detail, you can write a note to remind you about that purchase (Lunch with Fred).  They have different categories that you can assign purchases too or tag different items with other categories.  You can do this for individual items on a receipt or the entire purchase.   I have it set up so I can tag (assign) things to my housing allowance and for church reimbursement.

If you connect the email address that you use for Amazon.com orders, it will run through your email and automatically upload the receipts.  You don’t have to do this if you feel it is intrusive or an invasion of your privacy.

It such a powerful tool.  It is easy to look up all this stuff online or on your phone after it has been imported and you can use it to generate an expense report.


There can be a bit of a lag of 30 minutes to a few hours from when you upload the receipt to when it is converted to text.  This hasn’t been an issue for me because I don’t need the info right away.  It is something to be aware of.

You can set up your own tags, but the categories are pretty set at this point.  Would be nice to customize both.

Overall onereipt has become one of my most used apps!  Definitely helped me keep track of my expenses and reduce my clutter!

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