Need to refresh your church website or create a new one?  It can be intimidating.  Where do you start?  How should you lay things out?

Let’s be honest. This can be overwhelming.  There is no need to recreate the wheel.  I have found it very helpful to look at other church sites and get ideas from them.  In particular, I  look at and note

  • Color schemes (What colors do they use?  What colors do you like best?)
  • Main sections (What are the menus top navigation menus?)
  • General layout (Where are the photos? How much text do they use? How many columns? Etc.)
  • Home page (What info do they think is important?  What are they doing to try and get people’s attention?)

Here is another great site called MinistryCSS  They do some the research for you and list a ton of great sites to look at.  Church Relevance also puts out a yearly list.  I found both very helpful in our church’s web overhaul.  Hopefully, you do too!