What songs does your church sing?  This is probably one of the most common questions your first time guests have about your church, so why not answer it on your website.  You can do this by creating an online playlist of the songs you sing, so they can listen to them before they come.

GrooveShark is a free online music platform that allows you to create this type of playlist.  You can create an account and create a public playlist of songs to share.  You literally choose from millions of songs, so you should be able to find the majority of song (hymns and contemporary worship) you sing.  This also means that there are multiple renditions of most songs so you can find one that matches your church’s worship style.

You can also use a GrooveShark playlist to introduce your congregation to new songs that you want to introduce.  Many folks have appreciated that we do this!   We usually post link on your website and Facebook page.

GrooveShark is not the only platform and player out.  Spotify and others can do the same thing.  One thing that sets it apart in my book is that it does not require visitors to create an account to list to the music.  You can even embed their player in html and WordPress (using Embed.ly) websites.  Click here to view how we did this on my church website.

Need other ideas? Read how we created a worship CD to hand out to non-techie visitors too!

This is what we recommend to introduce the worship songs you sing.  What do you use to introduce new songs?